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Company Info

27127 Northmore Street
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
Country: USA


Contact: Radwan Hazime, PhD
Email: rhazime(at)
Phone: +1-313-282-1070

Company Overview

ADACS, Inc. (Advanced Durability Assessment and Consulting Services ), headquartered in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA, develops and markets advanced fatigue software tools (TFAT) and methodologies for the endurance assessment of engineering components, systems, and structures. An emphasis is placed on research and development in the area of Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue (TMF). In addition, the company provides on-site and off-site consulting and development services to design and manufacturing customers.

Solutions for Abaqus

TFAT (Thermomechanical Fatigue Analysis Tools) is a commercial software for the computation of thermomechanical fatigue lives of components experiencing thermal and mechanical loads. TFAT reads the results of nonlinear transient FEA analysis directly from the Abaqus .odb database.  It can import standard output variables as well as Solution Dependent Variables (SDV’s) from UMAT.  TFAT also allows for quick and efficient shape optimization of components through simple integration with Tosca.

TFAT offers the following features:

  • Interface with major FEA results databases such as Abaqus .odb files
  • Nodal averaging of results
  • Surface and corner node detection and analysis
  • Viewer with automated hot spot finder and section cut views
  • Easy interface with commercial optimization

Additional Information

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