SIMULIA Realistic Simulation Solutions

SIMULIA makes virtual testing a standard business practice that improves product performance, reduces physical prototypes, and drives innovation.

Isight Research Edition

The academic Isight Research Edition has the same functionality as the commercial version. Universities are given access to our full suite of visual and flexible tools to set up an automated plan to thoroughly explore the design space and find optimum solutions, using techniques such as optimization, DFSS, approximations, and DOE. Advanced, interactive postprocessing tools allow engineering students to see the design space from multiple points of view. Design trade-offs and the relationships between parameters and results are easily understood and assessed, leading to the best possible design decisions, the best possible grade, and an edge when entering the job market.

The Isight Research offering provides a commercial grade software package at academic pricing. Packages for classroom instructional use are also available.

Isight Research Edition
  • Optimization
  • Design of Experiments
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Approximations
  • Six Sigma