Strategic Planning and Scheduling

Maximize Profits with Improved Planning and Scheduling.

Before investing in a new mine, or when re-evaluating mine plans in an active operation, you need to be sure the deposit, design and schedule can deliver the profits required to justify the required capital investment. With GEOVIA, you have the capabilities to maximize profitability and gain greater confidence in the decisions you make. 

With GEOVIA, you can analyze the economic viability of a mineral deposit, and then align designs and schedules to company goals. You also have the ability to optimize return on investment (ROI) by exploring different design options. Risks can be reduced by considering different mine design and operating scenarios by examining the sensitivities to changes in commodity prices, demand, as well as operating costs. 

Once you have your strategic mine plan, you can use it to guide the development of a practical-to-mine production schedule which will also deliver the best possible ROI. 

Key benefits

  • Tools that help you achieve better ore body or seam modeling accuracy 
  • Increased confidence in Resource estimation and Reserves calculations
  • Improved mine site and user productivity 
  • Common interface promotes faster user adoption