Production Management

Take Control Of Mine And Plant Production.

Drive mining productivity by acting proactively to variances from actual, planned and forecast production. A “Plan, Do, Check, Act” framework and site-wide validation and centralization of data from all mining activities helps boost confidence in the decisions you make and the production numbers you report. 

To enable you to make adjustments, reconciliation capabilities allow you to determine when, where and why deviations occur. Real-time tracking of production activities goes a step further to help you identify production problems as they happen, enabling fast resolution. 

With GEOVIA, you gain greater visibility into costs and added intelligence to better control them. Costs can be associated with activities such as equipment, personnel, and consumables, enabling trends to be tracked and detailed cost analyses to be run to ensure they are well understood.  

Key benefits

  • Increased confidence in reporting of mass and grade movement, quality and quantity
  • Continuous improvement through measurement of performance against benchmarks
  • Enhanced shift-level monitoring and issue response time 
  • Improved equipment utilization and maintenance