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Empowered Decision Maker ()

Empowered Decision Maker Role gives all users visibility into their business with sophisticated tools, rich analysis, and straightforward dashboards to make the right decisions that drive performance excellence and improve customer satisfaction.


By swiftly and accurately extracting, aggregating, analysing and disseminating information from multiple PLM and non-PLM sources, users can measure and make better management decisions to drive key performance indicators throughout their business.

In just a few clicks and in a highly intuitive manner, users gain actionable insight into each stage of the product lifecycle that enables them to make fact-based product program decisions aligned with company goals. 

This new role leverages 3DS’ information intelligence capabilities in analysis of complex product structures and data models, aided by strong semantics and machine learning capabilities.

In addition, the solution provides companies with a 'single source of truth' linking all critical business processes and information required to develop and launch any product or service. 

Key Features

  • Multi-sourced structured data and unstructured content

  • BI dashboarding and UI design

  • Real-time, operational decision support

  • Big Data exploratory analytics 


  • Improve project execution by deeper insight into project progress 

  • Improve product quality by better insight into failure mode and corrective action trends

  • Make fact-based product program decisions aligned to company goals 

  • Accesses multiple sources via large range of connectors