Enterprise Search

Find it faster, more securely, and smarter on any scale with EXALEAD CloudView.

Enterprise Functionality + Web Scalability and Simplicity

EXALEAD CloudView™ Search Edition provides superior enterprise search that marries the simplicity and scalability of Web search with the security and rich functionality business use demands.

Unified, Universal Information Access

CloudView provides a single point of access to all your data, regardless of source, format or location:

All Formats

Email messages, Web pages, Office documents, PDFs, database records, enterprise application data, audio, video, images...320+ formats supported out of the box

All Sources (Internal and External)   

Websites, intranets, extranets, databases, email servers, CMS, CRM, ERP, blogs, RSS feeds, multimedia archives...extensive native connectors plus an open API for unlimited connectivity

Douglas Campbell,Scottish Government Case Study,,

This is what users expect search to look like in the 21st century.

Douglas Campbell
Scottish Government Case Study

Intuitive, "Zero-Training" Use

At-a-Glance Results Scanning

Unlike simple Web search engines that return an endless list of links in response to a user's query, CloudView provides smart results featuring:

  • Thumbnail images
  • Rich document previews (regardless of the file's original application)
  • Key file identification data (location, file type, source, etc.)
Automatic Classification and Clustering

More importantly, however, CloudView automatically groups results in clusters using categories such as author, sender, recipient, language, related terms, and named entities (people, places and organizations). With a single click on one of these dynamic categories, users can expand, narrow or redefine their searches. This capability, plus user-friendly technologies like "type ahead" query suggestions, spelling correction and fuzzy matching via synonyms and approximate and phonetic spelling, are making 'no-results' or abandoned searches a thing of the past, and encouraging information discovery, reuse and sharing.

An Agile, Industrial Platform

Uniquely engineered for both the enterprise and the Web, CloudView features a fully distributed, service-oriented architecture (SOA) supporting standard Web formats and protocols. It offers:

  • Rapid, non-intrusive integration and customization
  • Maximum service quality
  • Endless scalability using minimal resources
  • Exceptionally high performance
  • Tight compliance with existing security systems

To discover how Web-derived search technologies are bringing radical new agility to the enterprise, download our whitepaper, Achieving Business Agility with Search-Based Technologies.



  • Enhance existing classification systems
  • Unlock hidden value in information assets
  • Connect unstructured and structured data
  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Encourage discovery and collaboration
  • Enable smarter, faster decision making

Easy, Automated Management

Data collection, analysis, classification and normalization tasks are fully automated with CloudView, and administrative tasks are a breeze with the platform's Web-based Management Console. Scaling is also a snap: simply add on inexpensive commodity hardware as needed—no painful migration required!

Learn More

To learn more, we invite you to download our CloudView Platform Highlights whitepaper or one of our Enterprise Search case studies:


To learn why organizations are making the switch from search appliances to CloudView, see our Solution Brief EXALEAD and Search Appliance Migration.


Dean Hale, Web Manager, University of Sunderland

We changed to EXALEAD after 4 years of the Google Search Appliance for a number of reasons. We were unable to combine our secure content with non-secure content in search and could not index database sources to conduct analysis, for example, understanding our attendance records. We struggled to customize the interface to present results in a simple-to-navigate interface accommodating our own relevance factors. EXALEAD met all these needs, quickly and simply.

Dean Hale, Web Manager, University of Sunderland

Looking for a Consultant?

EXALEAD works closely with leading information management specialists like Capgemini, EADS, Logica, TERMINALFOUR, Digirati, and Knowledge Concepts to provide you with enterprise search solutions tailored to your unique needs. Visit our Channel Partners page to learn more about these solutions providers and other EXALEAD partners.

Christine IOOSS, Project Director, Information Systems,CEA, French Atomic Agency,,

The scalability of the EXALEAD solution has made it possible to offer our users a unified platform for accessing all intranet content. With this unified platform has come a new global view of the organization. Users are able to tap into and help build organizational knowledge in a novel way, and they are finding new avenues and partners for collaboration.

Christine IOOSS, Project Director, Information Systems
CEA, French Atomic Agency