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Live, 360° access to internal and external content, regardless of source or format.

Innovative Search and Information Access for eBusiness

Looking for innovative solutions to boost customer loyalty on your portal and reinforce your business model? EXALEAD can help you instantly and affordably create rich, innovative services and become the first-stop resource for customers in your market. More than just a search engine for eBusiness, EXALEAD CloudView™ is powering a new generation of Search-Based Applications (SBAs) that top online service providers are using to set themselves apart. Choose CloudView to:

  • Dramatically boost performance and reduce costs by shifting your primary information access from your database to the CloudView search index
  • Create an engaging user experience with seamless mashups and unified search of internal or external content, regardless of source or format (structured like database content, or unstructured like user-generated content (UGC), Web content, or multimedia files)
  • Serve up a steady stream of innovative Web 2.0 features like social search, advanced image and video search, visual mapping of results, contextual Wiki information, etc. (check out our latest innovations at Exalabs)
  • Offer multilingual information indexing and search, with support for non-Latin characters (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, etc.)
  • Ensure successful search with user aids like faceted navigation of results, support for natural language queries, related query (and content) suggestions, and fuzzy matching tools like phonetic and approximate spelling matches and spelling corrections
Peter Brooks-Johnson, Product Director, Rightmove.co.uk

Rightmove has already found that EXALEAD CloudView has allowed the speedy development of advanced search functionality while reducing search costs 83%.

Peter Brooks-Johnson, Product Director, Rightmove.co.uk

The types of eBusinesses profiting from EXALEAD's information access technology include:


Provide faster, more effective search for classified ads, enrich your database content with external UGC and Web data, and offer innovative Web 2.0 features. You can even quickly launch an aggregated ad service. Download the Yakaz Case Study, the Rightmove Case Study or watch the Rightmove Video.


Significantly boost performance for search and presentation of your existing content, and create an engaging, multi-faceted experience by capitalizing on automatically extracted vertical information, complementing your directory database with mashups and related links. Download the EXALEAD CloudView for Internet Yellow Pages Solution Brief, the Coface Case Study or the 118 218 Case Study or watch the 118 218 Video.


Boost sales with more successful search, one-click access to related products and services, and stickier content, including user-generated content like tagging and reviews and external content such as blog and forum posts, videos and images.


  • Provide more successful search
  • Add instant content depth
  • Encourage exploration of related content
  • Generate interest with content mashups
  • Offer innovative Web 2.0 features

Transform your website into a true 24/7 self-service knowledgebase with more successful search, automatic data categorization and clustering, and one-click access to related internal or external resources. Download the Knowledgebases Solution Brief.

Media & Entertainment

Bring your content to life with innovative access to audio, video and image assets, one-click navigation of related content, and dynamic Web mashups. Download the AFP Case Study or watch the Skyrock Video.

Social Networks

Build you membership—revenue—with more successful search, innovative Web 2.0 features, real-time information access and unlimited scalability. What's more, you can even lower your IT costs while you enhance your users' experience. 

White Label Web Search Engines

Retain 100% control of your branding, your customers, and your advertising revenue while offering a steady stream of innovative features and superior vertical or global WWW search across more than 16 billion Web pages, 2 billion images and 4 million videos. Download the CTC Case Study (Department of Defense vertical environmental search engine) or visit www.tayait.com (the EXALEAD-powered Arabic language search portal).

Website Search

Satisfy your visitors' need for more accurate search while encouraging discovery and exploration through automatically generated navigation of related content.