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A powerful recommendation engine with collaborative features, EXALEAD OneCall offers contact center and frontline sales agents a 360-degree contextual view of the customer's situation. The information they can leverage frees them up to be faster and more precise in their daily discussions, interacting efficiently to improve customer satisfaction and grow customer engagement and, thus, sales.

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EXALEAD OneCall is the answer to transform contact center and frontline sales operations by giving customer-facing agents the most relevant data and information to succeed. Whatever the data type or location--internal (CRM/ERP) or external (Web/social networks), structured or unstructured, simple or complex--OneCall aggregates and delivers rich information in context to the agent’s desktop.

Agents, managers and key business decision makers gain immediate access to hidden information via a “360-degree information view of the customer”. Relevant information and analytics are displayed in an ultra-friendly simplified way--allowing the business to exceed customer expectations and deliver superior value.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Provides a 360° view of the customer (from inside & outside the enterprise)

  • Leverages more value from existing CRM and IT investments

  • Speeds agent anticipation of and response to customer questions

  • Increases first-call resolution rates

  • Grows customer satisfaction and loyalty