V6R2012x Synchonicity for DFII Graphical Diff

ENOVIA Synchonicity for DFII provides visual comparison of two versions of Cadence schematic/layouts directly in native Cadence editing environment for design analysis and decision making
  • Graphically compare two versions of a Cadence View or two independent views
    • Schematics, layouts, abstracts, etc
  • Differences shown in all windows displaying the related view
    • Added, modified and deleted object highlighted
    • Zoom to changes
    • Compares name attributes and properties for instances
    • Compares properties, path styles and label text for physical objects
  • Textual output of differences with optional output to file
  • Highly granular highlighting enables selection and display of both summary of changes on each object type and details of individual modifications
  • User definable custom difference functions provides ability to control exactly what is compared
    • Add a search for transistors with changed widths, add a search to compare instance masters, etc.
    • Ignore purely graphical changes in schematics or skip comparison of properties
  • Ability to use Cadence “hilight layers” to show changes provides a high degree of control
    • Select colors that are best for the object type
    • Different colors for added/removed/modified changes

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