V6R2012x VPM Central Usability improvements of data management

ENOVIA VPM Central improves the accuracy and the usability of the Delete and Propagate commands for improved data management
  • Delete with impacts management
    • When deleting a reference, all the instantiated entities are deleted when possible
    • In case of error, the user is informed on the exact reasons
    • Taking into account the provided advises, the user can then correct the errors and repeat the delete operation on the skipped elements
  • Propagate improvements
    • Objects that cannot be propagated into ENOVIA VPM Central (for any reason) can be automatically or manually “excluded” from the propagation scope
    • The Propagation 3D Dashboard is enhanced and shows the corresponding “Excluded” status
    • To ease data identification, when selecting an entity in the propagate panel, the corresponding items are  highlighted in the specification tree and in 3D

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