New Product – ENOVIA Multi-Discipline Exchange for X-PDM

ENOVIA Multi-Discipline Exchange for X-PDM bi-directionally exchanges product structure and exact geometry between ENOVIA VPM Central and other PDM systems so customers can benefit from the full scope of V6 functionality without requiring a system migration.
  • Exchanges are based on the V6 "Event Bus" architecture
  • Product structure metadata with instance positions is exchanged using the "XPDMXML" schema
  • Bi-directional exchanges of the exact geometry is supported between ENOVIA V6 and xPDM using STEP or V5 CATPart as intermediate format depending on available CAD conversion tools; using V5 CATPart format for data exchange optimizes the integration with CATIA V6 products
  • All geometry data imported into V6 is converted to native CATIA V6 entities

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