Industry Leading Semiconductor Data Management Performance

ENOVIA Synchronicity DesignSync products achieve industry leading performance by allowing administrators to define rules for remote site usage and pushing design data to these sites as it is created.
  • Automatically configure shared caches and proactively distribute data releases to reuse designs, minimize administration overhead, and eliminate data latency
  • Module caches are now integrated with mirrors and file caches
  • Mirrors are automatically created when selected module configurations are created, which eliminates administration overhead and wait time for configuration availability
  • Module configurations are proactively populated using the mirror push system, which eliminates data latency
  • Data is immediately available to end users – the time required to fetch a file from the master server is NEVER experienced by the end user
  • File versions within modules are automatically shared in file caches which saves disk space and network bandwidth
  • Hard-links are used to share files with workspaces to maximize disk storage efficiency

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