Immersive User Experience for SolidWorks Design

ENOVIA Collaborative Design for SolidWorks provides data management capabilities immersed in the context of the native SolidWorks user interface and through the Windows desktop for improved designer productivity. It includes:
  • The new task pane displays the file structure of the active window with quick access to all commonly used commands for improved user productivity
  • The new command manager provides quick access to the ENOVA commands most commonly use
  • The new Microsoft Windows Explorer based interface lets users access their local workspaces to perform common data management commands
  • Right click menus allow users to quickly access commonly used commands
  • The new Checkout and Checkin dialogs allow users to view the CAD structure and choose specific files to improve file transfer performance
  • The new History dialog displays the events that a file has gone through in order to audit changes that have been made and quickly access previous versions
  • Designers can work offline when connectivity to the ENOVIA system is not possible without compromising data integrity
  • User options allow the behavior and user interface display to be tailored to meet specific needs and preferences

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