Simplified Part and BOM Editing

ENOVIA Engineering Central (and related BOM management products*) simplifies part and bill-of-material editing with advanced user interface techniques for user entries. Enhancements include:
  • The property dialogs for the Part, Part Family, Specification, ECR, and ECO types have been enhanced to implement "edit-in place" behavior to eliminate screen pop-ups and maintain the user's visual context
  • "Type Ahead" choosers simplify user entries when creating and releasing parts. Specifically, the following fields can be automatically completed as the user enters a value:
  • ECO used to release the part
  • Distribution, reviewer and approval lists during the change management process
  • ECR used to review and complete the ECO
  • Additional objects to add to the ECO
  • Part family associated to a part
  • Part to use when creating a new part with the "clone" function
  • "Slide in" dialogs are used during BOM editing in order to edit part data and manage the BOM's release without losing visual context of the BOM itself
(*) Applicable to:
ENOVIA Engineering Configuration Central
ENOVIA Team BOM Editor
ENOVIA CPG Accelerator for Integrated Product Management
ENOVIA High-Tech Accelerator for New Part Request and Development
ENOVIA Life Sciences Accelerator for Engineering Design

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