BOMCheck Integration

ENOVIA Materials Compliance Central Support integrates to BOMCheck for access to standard component material declarations for the High-Tech industry.
  • An option exists to download and import supplier material declarations from the BOMcheck website
  • BOMcheck is supported by ENVIRON Corporation, and is a centralized supplier reporting site used in the High-Tech industry
  • Manufacturers can request that their suppliers sign up and report material declarations through BOMcheck
  • BOMCheck material declarations can be downloaded and imported into ENOVIA Materials Compliance Central in IPC 1752 2.0 format
  • Declarations contain European Union RoHS, JIG 2.0, and REACH disclosures. Using a preference option,
  • ENOVIA Materials Compliance Central can be set up to login to BOMcheck and download declarations from selected suppliers over selected date ranges
  • Once the files are downloaded, they can be imported into ENOVIA Materials Compliance Central to create reported material declarations.

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