Modernized User Interface for Collaborative Business

ENOVIA's collaborative business process products provide users with a modernized user interface resulting in a more intuitive and visual user experience while still requiring only a simple Web browser to deploy to thousands of users. This includes the following enhancements:
  • Expand a "Channel" from a "PowerView" to the full display size for easier review of large data sets
  • Toggle between a "Thumbnail View" and a "Details View" (e.g. – spreadsheet) when viewing an object list
  • "Mega Menus" consolidate all installed product commands available to the user into a single pull-down to quickly locate the correct menu selection
  • "Slide In" dialogs replace pop-up windows when editing or creating a single entry in an object list so user context is not lost
  • "Type Ahead" entry match and completion applied to all user, organization, and type selections
  • A "Breadcrumb Trail" in the toolbar allows navigation to recently accessed pages

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