ENOVIA - Workflow Definition Web (WDF)
To provide an application for business process designers to design WFMC-compliant workflow templates.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

ENOVIA - Workflow Definition Web (WDF) enables business process managers to design workflow templates that are XML-based and WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition)-compliant. Readily available workflow templates that can be easily adapted to departmental needs allow for rapid and standardized process deployment across the enterprise.

In ENOVIA VPM, a workflow can integrate other advanced VPM capabilities such as Actions and lifecycle management. Validated workflow templates are checked into the database for subsequent activation using the ENOVIA - Workflow Management (WFM) application or any WfMC-compliant workflow application.

ENOVIA - Workflow Definition Web is now available as a web-based, light client application and takes advantage of all the functionality offered by VPM Web Navigator.

Product Highlights

  • A tool for workflow designers to define workflow templates that are XML-based and WFMC-compliant
  • User-friendly graphical interface to design the workflow, entirely based on web-based client for usability and easy deployment
  • Standardize corporate business processes using workflow templates
  • Ability to trigger object lifecycle application, such as promotion/demotion of object, from within a workflow process
  • Dynamic workflows with rules-based resource assignment and activity generation

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Standardized business process...capture deterministic processes such as engineering changes as workflows. Workflows generated by WFD can be easily adapted to meet corporate or departmental requirements.

  • Continuous improvement in process performance... adjust workflow templates from time-to-time to take into account the latest business requirements.

  • Rapid process deployment... readily available workflow templates allow for rapid process deployment by supervisors and process owners.

  • Standard-based format for easy customization...having the workflow templates in XML format gives business process administrators with XML skills the ability to perform changes directly on the XML file.

  • Integration of workflow definition and life cycle model ENOVIA workflow works in conjunction with the life cycle model that is the heart of ENOVIA VPM. A life cycle defines WHAT happens to an object as it passes through a series of phases and gates in its life. A workflow models HOW the object evolves, which is reflected in a series of tasks to be performed to evolve the object to its maturity. Even though these two aspects are separated, their usage is usually integrated within a business process. For instance, completion of a engineering change release workflow usually dictates a change in status of the object (part, product,...) to "release".

  • Dynamic workfow...ability to insert many types of rules to determine the behavior of the workflow, for instance, rules can be defined to determine which resource should be assigned for an activity. Another example would be the ability to dynamically generate parallel activities based on predefined rules.

  • Usability and easy of deployment ... the workflow definition product provides a user-friendly graphical interface to design the workflow, entirely as a web-based client application.