Strategic Supplier Relationships

Toward Zero Product Failure

In this new era of manufacturing, your suppliers are a critical component of the value chain. Successful companies have realized the importance of nurturing suppliers such that the relationships go beyond vendor-OEM associations to collaborative partnering. ENOVIA for Supply Chain users allows companies to leverage supply chain capabilities throughout the product lifecycle and make their suppliers an integral part of product development. Supply Chain Network capabilities allow companies to involve supply chain employees securely in the entire product lifecycle.


  • Collaborative Sourcing implements a “design for supply” strategy with repeatable and standardized direct material sourcing processes that provide the latest design information to the supply chain and valuable supplier quotation input to engineering
  • Supplier Performance Monitoring enhances the supplier partnership by designing, implementing and tracking part qualification plans, supplier development plans, and scorecards


  • Collection Sourcing Manager

    Broaden Stakeholder Participation in Sourcing to Improve Global Sourcing Performance

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  • Collection Planner

    React Quickly to Shifts in Seasonal Requirements and Material and Product

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  • Collection Vendor Manager

    Improves Collaboration Between Vendors and Suppliers With Brand, Retail Headquarters

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