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Program Cost Manager

Program Cost Manager enables the collection, analysis and collaboration of contract-based program, project costs and schedules.  It manages high-risk, high-cost, or long-lead projects through industry-standard guidelines (EIA-748). This standard is required in government contracting and is the accepted standard in the Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Architecture & Construction, and Marine & Offshore industries.


With Program Cost Manager it is possible for a company to automate resource planning activities for cost and schedule and institutionalize its best practices for various project types according to an industry standard (EIA-748). Its collaborative capabilities dramatically increase the visibility of current earned value and schedule value performance information to better make decisions regarding resources, schedule, and budgeting.

Program Cost Manager can provide global teams with the accurate, real-time information they need to keep projects on track and respond better. Through standard metrics aligned with the Gold Card, Program Cost Manager provides visibility into a project’s status in terms of overall schedule, resources, and costs for planning and actual evaluation. These standards support a fuller view to the project than just the status as you can forecast the Estimate at Completion and other factors to help recover or adjust a project plan or define future needs for resources. These data and proper tracking of the variances provides the ability to greatly improved overall performance of projects and delivery-to-contract.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Provide real-time access to project pipelines for rapid analysis and decision-making.

  • Expose resource bottlenecks in real-time with enhanced management visibility.

  • Increase resource utilization and reduce conflicts between project managers and functional group managers.

  • Drive financial performance decision-making processes using industry-defined metrics.

  • Use existing systems to maintain budget actual resource data with spreadsheet import capabilities including field maps for csv, xls, and xlsx file formats.

  • Facilitate access to processes and data within a secure environment.

  • Coordinate and collaborate on the planning and execution of projects in real-time.

  • Manage complex collaborative projects involving internal and external teams of prospects, customers, suppliers, and partners.

  • Track meetings, decisions, and artifact baselines so that traceability is established for historical reference.