IP Classification and Protection

Innovation increasingly means global teams collaborating with global information in a social context – and doing so with clarity, confidence and consistency. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform™, ENOVIA enables your innovators to benefit from the true rewards of collaboration. Easy to acquire, quick to learn and effortless to master, ENOVIA is reliable and robust enough to manage even the most sensitive and mission-critical data.

IP Classification and Protection

Companies are facing complexity from many areas during the development and launch of complex products and services. Market opportunities exist for good ideas, but they may be in many locations, and they may involved variations to serve those markets. In addition, IP is being created that captures the product complexity, including specifications, bills-of-materials, requirements, geometry, models, etc. Finally, the processes that will be used to define, model and execute will need to be properly managed in order to launch the products globally and simultaneously. All of this intellectual property (IP) is what drives the firm's competitive advantage in the market. Therefore the firm's ability to leverage and protect this IP without exceptions is critical to the company's short-term and long-term success.

How Does ENOVIA Contribute?

  1. Administration Tools provide the capabilities to manage and deploy the ENOVIA system with flexible tools that lower total cost of ownership while fulfilling unique business needs.

  2. Integration Tools leverage product information from other enterprise systems by federating their IP into the context of product development business processes.

Best Practices include:

  1. Organize your data in multiple ways that best suits EACH role or activity.

  2. Put day-to-day IP management in the hands of the users.

  3. Eliminate files based data exchange.

  4. Classify IP and enforce security requirements to fulfill regulations like ITAR.

  5. Keep history of data access and downloads for critical IP.

  6. Track IP usage across various projects and customers.