IP Classification and Protection

Secure Intellectual Property


Key benefits

  • Leverage product information from other enterprise systems by federating their IP into the context of product development business processes
  • Organize  data in multiple ways that best suits EACH role or activity
  • Eliminate files based data exchange
  • Put day-to-day IP management in the hands of the users
  • Classify IP and enforce security requirements to fulfill regulations like ITAR
  • Keep history of data access and downloads for critical IP
  • Track IP usage across various projects and customers


  • Classification Manager

    Improve Reuse and Reduce Costs of Component Management Through Secure Content Classification

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  • IP Security Manager

    Prevent Unauthorized Disclosure of Intellectual Property

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  • IP Controlled Access

    Enforce and Manage Restrictions Every Time a User Attempts to View and Access Company IP

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  • Semiconductor IP Classifier

    Deliver Products Faster by Getting the Most From Your IP

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