Global Design Management

From Product Data Management to Integrated Design Management

Support the entire product development process by giving early visibility to design information, and allowing the enterprise to collaborate before final product decisions are made.

Key benefits

  • Provide real-time access to the right data at the right time
  • Provide access to other stakeholders across the company (product engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, etc.) to design data in real time throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Operate across multiple CAD authoring tools


  • Design Reviewer

    Collaborate Globally on a Virtual Product and Solve Issues Real-Time

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  • Design Review Manager

    Resolve Issues Earlier by Working on the Latest Virtual Product Globally

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  • Engineering Workspace

    Leverage Virtual Workspaces to Optimize Visibility, Control, and Innovation

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  • Volume Computation

    Increase Collaboration Around Your Design IP Without Compromising Security

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  • Similar part Explorer

    An Intuitive Shape-Based Search Accelerating Reuse

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  • Defect Engineer

    Confidently Manage and Close Defects Even in Complex IC Product Hierarchies

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  • Software and Systems-on-a-Chip Designer

    Leverage Module-Based Design to Collaborate Globally on Hardware and Software Data

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  • Project Based Defect Engineer

    Deliver Semiconductor Projects on Time by Linking Them Directly to the Design Data

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  • Packaging Assets Manager

    Provide Visiblity and Reuse of Brand Assets Without Losing Control of Them

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  • Packaging Copy and Artwork Manager

    Enable Consistent and Efficient Artwork Application Throughout Your Portfolio

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  • Packaging Copy and Artwork Designer

    Streamline Artwork Development While Leveraging More Parallel Input

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