Global Design Management

Packaging Copy and Artwork Designer

Packaging Copy and Artwork Designer enables companies to collaboratively edit and approve copy content with the assurance that all stakeholders in the artwork development process are working from a single version of the truth.

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Packaging Copy and Artwork Designer provides a simple user experience for managing the final artwork and copy development process based on the structured content defined with Packaging Copy and Artwork Manager. With its included connector to Adobe Creative Suite, companies can increase collaboration with graphics designers by allowing direct access to copy content and storage of final artwork and other artwork assets into the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

Packaging Copy and Artwork Design

  • Save time, improve product quality and re-use of artwork by managing content as structured data, maintaining the connection between the master copy and the local translations.
  • Compress product development time by enabling supply chain and compliance processes in parallel to artwork design and development.
  • Optimize resource utilization with visibility to real-time status of all artwork assets — both artwork content and final artwork.
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Keu features & benefits

  • Artwork package setup uses pre-defined market/language setup and master copy lists for consistent and quick set up of artwork content for POAs

  • Authoring can be done in parallel by different users (e.g. marketing, regulatory and legal) for the elements they are responsible for, with in-cell and rich text editing capability

  • Collaboratively edit and approve artwork content on a "just in time" basis.

  • Easily export and reuse approved copy content into the artwork design process utilizing GS1 industry standards.