DraftSight® Latest Release: V1R5.2

Stay current with the latest version of DraftSight. Below are the details.


July 2014: DraftSight V1R5.2, a quality release, is now available. To see the release notes and a list of resolved issues, please visit the DraftSight community.

Click here to download V1R5.2 now.

January 2014: DraftSight V1R5.0 - new features for the free, Enterprise and Professional offerings for DraftSight.

The free version of DraftSight now includes:

  • Search in Options: With this new feature, simply type in the search box what you are looking for in the Options menu, and you will be provided with the path to the location of the topic in the Options dialog.
  • iQuestions Integration: Using the Community tab, log into the DraftSight SwYm community to search and ask questions in the iQuestions section of the community.
  • Standard Compliant Drawings: Use the VerifyStandards command to check that the current drawing conforms to industry, corporate, and custom standards. The command checks whether names and properties of Layers, LineStyles, DimensionStyles, and TextStyles in the current drawing match those in associated standards files. Users can replace nonstandard items to be compliant, flag them to be ignored, or leave them as they are. It is recommended to run the Clean command to purge unused objects before running the VerifyStandards command.
  • Quick Group: Use the QuickGroup command to quickly create EntityGroups.
  • Mouse Gesture: Now supporting Mouse Gestures for Mac and Linux.
  • Improved Performance: Improved Pan and Zoom performance.


The Professional Pack and Enterprise Pack Offerings for DraftSight now include the following additional enhancements:

  • PDF Underlay: Use the AttachPDF command to attach pages of a PDF document to a drawing. The command links the specified file as a reference to the current drawing
  • Batch Printing: Use the BatchPrint command to send a set of drawings and Sheets to printers in a batch job. Users can save batch print jobs to Batch Print List (*.bpl) files for subsequent use.
    • Note: Users can only batch print Sheets with PageLayouts and Print Configurations associated to them, either directly for the specific Sheets or by PageLayouts stored in other drawings/Print Configurations stored in Print Configuration files. Also, within each PageLayout and Print Configuration used in batch prints, users must specify a printer.
  • Mass Properties Calculations. Use the GetMassProperties command to calculate and display the mass properties of Regions. The command reports the included area, perimeter, and centroid of the specified Region. Additionally, information about the custom coordinate system (CSS) for the Region is displayed (CCS name, CCS origin, and definition of the X-, Y-, and Z-axes of the CCS).
  • Macro Recording: The quickest and easiest way to start programming with the DraftSight API is to record a macro, which contains the DraftSight API calls that corresponds to the actions performed interactively in DraftSight.
  • Toolbox Enhancements:
    • Revision Table: A document revision can be added step by step in an alphabetic or numeric sequence and can be attached to a revision symbol.
    • Enhance Toolbox to support 3 more hole categories. These hole categories are: Hole (Simple), Tap and Slot.
    • Enhance Toolbox commands with additional option keywords. These additional keywords are all creation methods currently available for a selected hardware or hole type. A creation method can still be changed in hardware or hole dialog and is applied initially for the block insertion as default keyword. In addition creation methods can be also switched continuously via keywords. No need to go return to dialog or to rerun command.
    • Add new balloon shapes: Triangle, Hexagon, Box, Diamond, Pentagon, Flag (Five Sided), Flag (Triangle), Underline, Square, Square (Circle) and Inspection. Enhance Toolbox to support editing of Bill of Materials.

System Requirements:

No new hardware or graphics requirements. For minimum system requirements, click here.
Note: Outdated graphic drivers might need updating.

Operating Systems:

  • Now supporting Mac 10.9 (Maverics).
  • Mac 32-bit OS is no longer supported. Mac 64-bit are supported, see our post in the DraftSight community.


  • No changes. The Activation dialog (free Version *only*) is still displayed at start up.

To see the list of resolved issues, or to submit an iQuestion to the DraftSight technical support team, please log in to our swYm community.