Human Modeling Technology

Within a world where products are built, used, and maintained by people, the human being is the central actor of the Digital Enterprise.

Virtual Ergonomics Applications

As a leading Digital Human Modeling application provider for over 20 years, Dassault Systèmes Virtual Ergonomic Applications team has developed and implemented dedicated applications that are based on the industries’ best practices and standards. Built on a lifelike human manikin model, our applications empower our customers with the capability of evaluating Ergonomics and Human Factors at all levels of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): Virtual Design, Manufacturing & Maintainability.

Virtual Ergonomics added values

Fully integrated in CATIA, DELMIA and ENOVIA Dassault Systèmes' Virtual Ergonomics Applications is a tool that will help you harness collective intelligence from your product development stakeholders effectively, enabling you to get access to the added values of using an advanced Digital Human Modeling tool:

  • Evaluate how a person really interacts with your product or workplace design with lifelike human manikins
  • Save money by catching ergonomics problems as early as possible in the design process
  • Lower the cost of work related injuries
  • Eliminate the need for physical mockup and real human simulation
  • Deliver innovative products to market faster, safer and with higher quality
  • Use your 3D Human modeling simulation as a marketing tool to promote your product and train the users
Dick Slansky,Analyst PLM & Discrete Manufacturing ,ARC Advisory Group

To succeed in today’s tough competitive environment, manufacturing companies need to design more ergonomic products and safer, more productive workplaces. At the same time, products need to be launched in less time and at a lower cost. Virtual ergonomics helps companies achieve these goals and is becoming mandatory in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.

Dick Slansky
Analyst PLM & Discrete Manufacturing
ARC Advisory Group