DELMIA Robotics Virtual Commissionimg


Simulate and Validate Industrial Robot Behavior Using Native Robot Controller Software

DELMIA Robotics Virtual Commissioning (RVC) allows virtual 3D simulation and validation of native language robot programs using the robot vendor’s Virtual Robot Controller (VRC) software, which implements the Realistic Robot Simulation II (RRS-II) interface standard. The virtual robot’s cycle time and trajectory can be simulated with nearly 100 percent accuracy compared to the physical robot. Users can also program and simulate a robot using a virtual teach pendant (when provided by the robot manufacturer) that mimics the teach pendant used on the physical robot.

DELMIA RVC integrates with DELMIA Robot Task Definition (RTD) to allow robot programmers to accurately simulate robot tasks. The actual robot programs can be safely validated in a 3D virtual environment before being deployed on the shop floor.

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Robotics Virtual Commissioning

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Robotics Virtual Commissioning benefits include:
  • Extremely accurate simulations
  • Virtual validation of native robot programs
  • Virtual teach pendant
  • Operator training