DELMIA Ergonomics Task Definition


Program and Simulate Human Tasks

DELMIA Ergonomics Task Definition (ETD) builds on DELMIA Ergonomics Evaluation (EGE) by allowing users to create, simulate, and validate tasks performed by a Lifelike Human manikin in the Version 6 environment. Ergonomics Specialists are able to easily create and simulate the way a worker interacts with a product or performs tasks in the workplace. ETD makes it simple to define common tasks using predefined actions such as picking up and placing objects, walking, operating a device, or using a tool. ETD makes defining and simulating human tasks accessible to all Version 6 users.

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Ergonomics Task Definition

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Ergonomics Task Definition benefits include:
  • Introduce ergonomics earlier in workplace design
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Switch target populations without updating tasks