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The DELMIA Portfolio is grouped into distinct domains within manufacturing to offer solutions to enable your entire digital factory.


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DELMIA DPM Process Definition 1 (PRD)
DELMIA DPM Process Definition provides a generic process authoring foundation.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

DELMIA DPM Process Definition provides a generic process authoring foundation for Bill of Material-centric manufacturing industries. DELMIA DPM Process Definition enables a process-centric approach for work preparation and provides a path to grow into digital process planning and simulation validation. It provides the capabilities to author a process plan, define and verify the assembly sequence, assign products and resources to processes, verify the precedence constraints between the activities in the 3D viewer, and generate documentation as work instructions.

Product Highlights

DELMIA DPM Process Definition allows users to:

  • Insert existing products into the PPR tree
  • Assign products to processes using drag and drop
  • Author precedence constraints between activities allowing assembly validation based on precedence constraints.
  • Insert existing resources in the PPR tree
  • Assign resources to processes
  • Generate HTML documentation
  • Provides PPR Tree, 3D, and Precedence viewers.

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Process-centric approach for work preparation documentation