DELMIA Virtual Production for Production Performance

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DELMIA Production System Analysis 2 (PSY)
DELMIA Production System Analysis provides advanced tools to perform multi-cycle simulation system and analyze part flow.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

DELMIA Production System Analysis provides tools to perform multi-cycle simulation and to analyze the production rate of systems. Production system analysis generates system performance reports part throughput and resource utilization.

Production system analysis and reporting generated includes:
  • Resources: average utilization of resource, total busy time, total idle time, average content, wait time.
  • Parts: number of parts created, total number of parts entering a resource, total number of parts exiting a resource, production rate, total parts processed.

DELMIA Production System Analysis provides realistic production cycle times and allows the validation of controls created in controls editors and real PLC programs through the PLC monitoring application.

Product Highlights

  • DELMIA Production System Analysis provides tools to validate a production system by defining input part flow for the system and providing advanced analysis tools.
  • Supports Source and Sink: Allows user to define parts entering and leaving the system.
  • Resource centric simulation allows the user to define what subset of resources to simulate

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Allows the customer to check production rate of a system before deploying it to the factory floor.

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