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DELMIA Automation CLM Object Modeler 1 (LM1)
DELMIA Automation CLM Object Modeler provides tools to manage logical model structure and define synchronous event behavior.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

DELMIA Automation CLM Object Modeler provides tools to define the precise dynamic behavior of a CSM block when used in conjunction with DELMIA Automation CSM Object Modeler. CLM Object Modeler allows the user to define synchronous event behavior in the application. The CLM model is a graph of states links by transition that contains logical conditions to specify how to change state. State actions that are performed during execution include:

  • Set an output port to a value
  • Star a sub block
  • Perform parallel execution of sub-state graphs

Logical conditions of the block are the result of the evaluation of the input port or internal value. Externally, actions in CLM can call external C functions to interact during simulation with 3D visualization, GUI objects, or external systems.

Product Highlights

  • Provides a Logic Modeler based on the formal LCM language
This formal language ensures that the execution of a model is completely defined in the model and does not depend on the implementation of the execution of the application.

  • Strong-typed modeler allowing reliable software object management
The strong typing mechanism of LCM allows the user to perform many verifications during the design of the model and to check type inference between ports and actions/logical conditions and functions.

  • Reliable behavior description using a formal semantic for parallel synchronous execution

  • CLM supports a rich scope of data types including:
    • Scalar types
    • Structured records
    • Tree structures

  • CLM modeler supports different external views of discrete event behavior in the same model:
    • State chart views
    • SFC views

  • CLM is open, it is very easy to integrate external computation and actions into the programs.

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Provides readability and maintainability of an application
  • Allows retention and management of certain dimension and unit information for a "safer" application

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