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The DELMIA Portfolio is grouped into distinct domains within manufacturing to offer solutions to enable your entire digital factory.


Our Domains

DELMIA Automation - CSM Object Modeler 1 (CSM)
DELMIA Automation - CSM Object Modeler provides tools manage the logical model structure for applicative programs.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

DELMIA Automation CSM Object Modeler provides tools to manage the logical model structure for the product and integrate the logical product into the V5 product structure. This product provides the high level program, (how the blocks are connected) to define the logic that is to be simulated in the program.

DELMIA Automation CSM Object Modeler manages the logical model; the hierarchical structure of the modules in a program. Each module can contain sub-modules, data type definitions, functions which are descriptions of how to compute a typed value from a set of other values, and program blocks.

CSM Modeler contains a type inference mechanism. This mechanism automatically propagates type constraints along connections, allowing the program to verify that a generic component can be used in a specific context.

Well defined semantics are implemented in the CSM model. This allows Semantics Authoring; the capacity to use and verify the semantic rules interactively during program authoring.

Product Highlights

  • Provides a Logic Modeler based on the formal LCM language
  • Strong-typed modeler allowing reliable software object management
  • Generic Components using type inference

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Provides readability and maintainability of an application
  • Allows retention of certain data for a "safer" application

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