DELMIA Virtual Production for Production Performance

The DELMIA Portfolio is grouped into distinct domains within manufacturing to offer solutions to enable your entire digital factory.


Our Domains

Digital Manufacturing Foundations Solutions

Based on breath-taking technology and open to industry standards, DELMIA V5 Infrastructure provides a uniquely scalable and open platform for collaborative digital manufacturing.

Domain Objective

Our solutions range from single-device activity to extended-enterprise production flow. We can assist your process planning, cost estimation, factory layout, ergonomics, robotics, machining, inspection, factory simulation, and execution needs. Stated more succinctly: DELMIA provides software solutions from concept to implementation, enabling our clients to increase productivity, lower costs, achieve better quality and bring their products to market more quickly. And now, all DELMIA Application Suites are interoperable within one Product, Process and Resources data model. Through the use of the DELMIA Manufacturing Hub, engineers throughout the extended enterprise will have at their disposal data that is relevant and always current.

Digital Manufacturing Foundations Domain Overview

All industriesincluding aerospace, automotive and shipbuildingare striving for solutions to building products more quickly and more efficiently. DS Manufacturing Hub can help your company achieve both objectives, because it provides a true concurrent and collaborative engineering and manufacturing environment through a single, common database.

Digital Manufacturing Foundations Product List

These products are available in several platform levels P1 P2 P3
DELMIA Robotics Path Planner   RPP  
DELMIA - Report Designer   RPD  
DELMIA - Extended STEP Interface MXT    
DELMIA - Digital Product Rights Manager MRM    
DELMIA - Composites Review 2   MPR  
DELMIA Electrical Review   ELR  
DELMIA - Process Context Builder   PCR  
DELMIA - PPR Manufacturing Life Cycle Management   PRL  
DELMIA - PPR Manufacturing Hub Navigator   PRM  
DELMIA - PPR Editor 2   PRR  
DELMIA - Configuration & Effectivity   CEF  
DELMIA - Object Manager DO1    
DELMIA - Object Manager 2   DOM  
DELMIA ENOVIA - VPM Connection   E4M  
DELMIA ENOVIA - VPM V5 Connection   E5M  
DELMIA ENOVIA - Manufacturing Hub Client   EMH  
DELMIA ENOVIA - Manufacturing Hub Server   EMS  
DELMIA - Manufacturing Change Management   MCM  
DELMIA - Object Customization   OCU  
DELMIA - PPR Navigator & Editor   PRN  
DELMIA - Plantype Editor   PTE  
DELMIA - Product Viewing   PVW  
DELMIA - Target Tracking   TGT  
DELMIA - MultiCAx - CATIA Plug-in   MCP  
DELMIA - D5 Integration   D5I  
DELMIA - IGES Interface 1 MIG    
DELMIA - STEP Core Interface MST    
DELMIA - 3D Simulation for Manufacturing   DMR  
DELMIA - Knowledge Expert 2   MKE  
DELMIA - Product Knowledge Template MK1