3D DESIGN for Manufacturing Engineer

3D Design for Manufacturing Engineer enables users to create virtual mechanical devices—anything from clamps to complex robots to lift-assist equipment—in an intuitive environment equipped with world-class tools.

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3D Design for Manufacturing Engineer allows users to develop and manage the complete machine and equipment product definition, collaborating seamlessly in real time with planners, programmers and simulation engineers on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It provides a full suite of powerful tools for designing and validating components to support production engineering at all levels of the enterprise.

The solution includes 2D layout for 3D design. Designers can use 3D sectioning and interference checking to create complete machines and equipment.

  • Create any 3D part or assembly
  • Design and manage product structure
  • Automatically generate 3D drawings with 3D definition
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Key Features & Benefits

  • Groundbreaking user experience

  • Collaboration in 3D

  • Reduce time-to-market