Showreel Experience: The Visual and Rendering Companion

3DEXPERIENCE® R2014x delivers a specific and dedicated process for real-time visualization and interactive rendering. This enables the 3D user to make accurate design decisions and to produce photorealistic marketing and sales visuals. Showreel Experience is the perfect companion to any 3D modeling software, allowing users to visualize and sell their designs. Creative designers, engineers, marketing managers or visualization experts can access the powerful high-quality rendering with a stand-alone App, available On-Premise or On-the-Cloud. CATIA V5 users can use their data on the 3DEXPERIENCE® R2014x platform to render using this new process. Showreel Experience also includes a new App, Experience Model Preparation, to optimize, organize, and simplify, transforming heavy models into light and simple models.  

Creative Design: Industrial Design from Art to Part

3DEXPERIENCE® R2014x delivers Creative Design, a new user experience that streamlines the process of industrial design from 2D and 3D sketch, concept and detail surface modeling to design visualization and validation. It brings together the intuitiveness of creative 2D painting gestures for 3D sketching, quick and easy 3D Concept exploration with virtual clay modeling, the power of accurate 3D surface modeling and the real-time, interactive rendering for design visualization.  All of these are totally integrated, boosting design creativity and innovation. In this release, the Natural Sketch App adopts the market standard for layering sketches while the Imagine and Shape App delivers even more simplicity and efficiency for the user.

Freeform Shape Design: The Next Level of Surface Quality

3DEXPERIENCE® R2014x introduces Freeform Shape Design, a multi-industry process that delivers a new level of surface quality, improving the final product’s perceived quality. This new process offers a surface refinement modeling App that increases the level of quality of shapes created with the Generative Shape Design App. CATIA users will benefit directly from these new Apps and tools for many challenges across all industries. From the styling or perceived quality of products which require high surface quality, to complex surfaces for lofting in aerospace or wind turbine blade design in energy, Freeform Shape Design helps and enables CATIA users to reach the next level of surface quality and sophistication.

Mechanical Design Engineering: Avoid Part Duplication with Similar Search

Using the new Similar Search capability, users can save time and avoid duplication. At any stage of the design process, a search can find an existing part with a similar shape. The system can automatically search for and display similar parts each time the design changes. This function is included in Natural Shape and Part Design.

Mechanical Design Engineering: Casual Users can Edit a Part Directly Without Understanding its History

This release delivers seamless integration of Natural Shape direct editing capabilities within Part Design historical features. The user can select and modify parts easily using Natural Shape. This integration benefits analysts, toolmakers and manufacturing engineers who need to rapidly modify existing data. Conceptual designers and casual users can re-use existing data without having to understand the construction complexity of the original model.
Natural Shape is integrated as the 3D Sketcher in Part Design, and Associative Direct Modeling with Natural Shape technology is embedded inside features in GSD/Part Design.

Mechanism Design Engineering: Mechanism Driven by Multi-Discipline Actuators

A new, integrated capability combines the Modelica multi-discipline engineering system with 3D physical mechanisms. Logical models can be mapped to physical mechanisms. The user can then play the mechatronic experience with a kinematic animation of the mechanism. The mechanism joints’ degrees of freedom are monitored by the logical model and mechanism joints are driven by the logical model. In addition, engineers developing mechanisms now have the ability to move under-constrained kinematic mechanisms.  The intelligent, built-in solver allows simulation without requiring the user to work through the full degrees of freedom.

Hydroformed Sheet Metal Design Engineering: Enhanced Complex Joggles

3DEXPERIENCE® 2014x delivers new capabilities for the creation of complex joggle features on hydroformed parts. Users can now create the same joggle on a surfacic flange and its support (the web or another surfacic flange). A surfacic flange can be created on another surfacic flange which contains joggles and a joggle can be created on a surfacic web.

Electrical and Fluid Systems Design: Electrical Schematics

3DEXPERIENCE® R2014x brings the availability of an integrated schematic App to create electrical wire-harness schematics. The integration of this App within the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform allows seamless synchronization of the schematic with the 3D design. The product has been significantly extended with multiple enhancements to address the complexities of industrial requirements. This includes technology developed by Elsys, acquired by Dassault Systèmes in 2011.

3D Electrical Design Engineering: New 3D Immersive Interface Simplifies Complex Electrical Routing Experience

This release delivers a new, 3D-immersive electrical routing Interface. This robot and balloon-based 3D-immersive user interface allows users to create and edit the geometry of electrical bundles and cableways. It delivers increased direct shape control and enables rapid investigation of alternatives during the preliminary design phase.

3D Electrical Design Engineering: 3D Harness Configuration Management

Users can now generate filtered 3D wire harnesses based on lists of wires, for example, based on effectivity. This enhancement provides the user with a tool to generate the actual 3D harness for any given configuration for simulation or manufacturing purposes

Systems Architecture Design: Powerful New IP Discovery and Systems Navigation Capabilities.

Non-specialist users or managers can use 2D graphic navigation capabilities to search, add or review systems, functional and logical architecture definitions. For the experienced user, powerful new session building capabilities are introduced to provide quick and easy ways to select the subset of functional and logical systems architecture information that can be subsequently opened in CATIA for editing.  In addition, multiple end-user productivity enhancements have been added including the easy re-architecting of product definitions by grouping or splitting functions or logical components for rapid design studies.