MODELICA - Thermal Power Library

The Modelica based Thermal Power Library (TPL) enables the fast and accurate modeling and simulation of thermal power plants including steam and combined cycle power units. It facilitates the rapid development and verification of innovative as well as conventional plant concepts and their associated control systems.

Thermal Power Plant Simulation

The Modelica based Thermal Power Library is ideal for the simulation of both transient and steady state operation using the same model. For transient operation, powerful capabilities exist to analyze in detail the plant start-up, shut-down and load rejection scenarios to verify that the control system handles and fully manages these situation.

In addition to covering the entire steam cycle, the Thermal power library also enables the rapid modeling and simulation of the flue gas side of thermal power plant, including a wide range of after-treatment technologies such as desulphurization, NOx-removal and CO2 capture systems.

Typical Applications

  • Ranking Cycle. Modeling and simulation of Rankine cycle thermal power plants using water as the working fluid.
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator. The HRSG is basically a counter-flow heat exchanger composed of a series of super-heater, boiler and economizer sections positioned from gas inlet to gas outlet to maximize heat recovery from waste heat and supply the rated steam flow at the required temperature and pressure.

Key Features

  • Enables both dynamic and steady state simulation in the same model
  • Wide range of components, correlations and media models
  • Well suited for control systems design and validation
  • Fully compatible with the Modelica Electric Power Library for operation validation of the complete plant and its control systems development
  • Different plant designs and their respective dynamic behavior can be studied early in the concept design phase.

Integrate Multiple Engineering Disciplines

The Thermal Power Library is part of the powerful CATIA Systems Engineering solution. The library can be used with both Dymola and CATIA V6 Dynamic Behavior Modeling, either on its own or with other Modelica Libraries, to model and simulate complex systems that can span multiple engineering disciplines.


  • Time taken to analysis plant behavior is significantly reduced due to the flexibility and power of the thermal plant simulation models
  • Accelerates the creation and analysis of multiple design iterations in order to reach an optimal system design
  • Full support for real-time simulations.