MODELICA - Smart Electric Drives Library

Enables the simulation and optimization of both high performance and general purpose electric drive systems. It accelerates the development of electric drive systems by enabling users to quickly build, test and compare various drive configurations in order to determine optimum drive system solutions.

Design of Electric Drive Systems 

The Modelica based Smart Electric Drives Library delivers pre-defined models that contain definitions of full electric drive systems - ready to be connected to a voltage supply and a mechanical load. These models enable the rapid simulation and analysis of complex electro-mechanical drive systems, e.g. the dynamic simulation of a hybrid vehicles electric powertrain.

The library includes models at different levels of abstraction:

  • Accurate component models for the analyses of fast temporary effects (e.g. switching and transient effects due to electric energy storage elements),

  • Simplified system description models to enable fast simulations that still achieve accurate results for 'big picture' evaluations with minimal comutational effort.

Key Features

  • Simulation of energy storage, converters (power electronics) and controls for electric machines
  • Simulation of transient effects in electric drives
  • Supports the development and optimization of multiple control strategies
  • Ability to control machines from the Modelica Standard Library
  • Quasi stationary models for different machine types

Integrate Multiple Engineering Disciplines

The Smart Electric Drives Library is part of the powerful CATIA Systems Engineering solution. The library can be used with both Dymola and CATIA V6 Dynamic Behavior Modeling, either on its own or with other Modelica Libraries, to model and simulate complex systems that can span multiple engineering disciplines.


  • Fast and accurate simulation of complex electric drive systems
  • Simulation of multiple engineering disciplines in a single model environment (e.g. Hybrid Electric Vehicles)
  • Allows simulation and analysis of alternative drive concepts for electrically operated auxiliary equipment
  • Fully compatible with all other Modelica libraries.