MODELICA - Liquid Cooling Library

Enables the rapid design and simulation of liquid cooling systems with compressible or incompressible flow for virtual prototyping, component dimensioning and control system design.

High Performance Simulation

The Modelica based Liquid Cooling Library is a high performance and effective simulation environment for analyzing incompressible fluid systems, including closed loop circuits. It accelerates the virtual prototyping of system designs, component selection and dimensioning, system performance studies, transient response studies and fully supports the development and evaluation of control system.

Key Features

  • High performance analysis models of incompressible liquid cooling systems
  • Users can connect components freely as they desire, which makes it easy to realize non-standard cooling systems
  • Plug and play compatible with other Modelica Libraries for thermal management analysis
  • Support for compressible and incompressible fluid flow
  • Fully support control system development, evaluation and optimization
  • Property models are also available for the most commonly used coolants and refrigerants

Integrate Multiple Engineering Disciplines

The Liquid Cooling Library is part of the powerful CATIA Systems Engineering solution. The library can be used with both Dymola and CATIA V6 Dynamic Behavior Modeling, either on its own or with other Modelica Libraries, to model and simulate complex systems that can span multiple engineering disciplines.


  • Accelerate the design iterations of liquid cooling systems with new level of understanding
  • Reduced modeling time due to the availability of high performance cooling system models
  • Reduced cost as the liquid cooling library simulates scenarios that are difficult or expensive to test
  • Suited for broad range of liquid cooling applications.