MODELICA - Flight Dynamics Library

Enables the rapid modeling, simulation and analysis of the flight dynamic characteristics of a wide range of flight vehicles. The library is ideally suited for the multi-disciplinary development of accurate flight control laws as well as for use in real-time flight simulators for commercial and military aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), airships and rotorcraft.

Typical Use Cases

  • Assess the impact of aircraft design configuration changes on flight characteristics early in the design process.
  • Design and analyze multi-disciplinary control laws for flight and system dynamics.
  • Rapidly execute mission simulations to assess flight performance or to optimize flight trajectories to minimize fuel burn, emissions and flight time.
  • Leverage accurate flight dynamic models and realistic visualization to create real-time simulators for training pilots and product marketing.

Key features

Accurate Trimming

Accurately initialize flight dynamic models to a desired equilibrium state.

Detailed Environment Models

Simulate one or more aircraft in a single model using common, detailed gravity, magnetic field, terrain, wind, and atmospheric models.

Scalable complexity

Quickly switch between point mass or full six-degrees-of-freedom equations of motion, local geodetic or WGS'84 position states, velocity states in body or flight path coordinates via a single parameter.

Full compatibility with standard libraries

Develop and interconnect airframe and systems models using standard mechanical connectors.



  • True multi-disciplinary modeling and simulation of aircraft flight dynamics
  • Supports simulation from on-ground operations through to high speed and high attitude flights
  • Model complexity can be easily scaled to enable analysis and simulation at any stage of the design process
  • Improved model maintenance through the use of a single tool for modeling, control and simulation
  • Ability to integrate with a wide range of other compatible Modelica libraries