Latest release

Dymola 2014 FD01 is the latest release version. It can be downloaded by registered users from the support center.

Dymola 2014 FD01

We are happy to announce that Dymola 2014 FD01 was released on November 27. The key highlights are:

  • Standardization and compliance

Dymola 2014 FD01 is fully Modelica compliant. Tested against the official Modelica test suite, is translates and simulates all test cases as prescribed.

FMI 2.0 is near completion, and the final text is expected by the end of 2013. As the only available tool, Dymola supports FMI 2.0 according to the first release candidate of the specification. Several other improvements have been made for FMI, for example, support of structured signal names.

  • Modeling and simulation

The new built-in script editor facilitates experimentation and debugging of models using the Modelica scripting language. Better diagnostics and simulation event logging helps model debugging.

  • New model libraries

Three new model libraries are available in this release: fuel cell library, heat exchanger library and vapor cycle library.

Library updates made easier by automatic conversion across multiple versions. This means that intermediate versions need not be loaded and upgrading takes less time.