Embedded Systems & Software Solutions

A fast and efficient embedded software development process is enabled by the ability to model a products control system and generate the necessary embedded software. Dassault Systèmes' solution provides an integrated validation loop by connecting the software simulation environment to the physical equipment within a virtual 3D digital mockup.


From systems models to embedded software code generation

Embedded Systems Engineering

The ever increasing usage of embedded systems within complex products presents major challenges for engineering companies worldwide.  This trend is not only driven by constantly increasing consumer expectations on technological innovations, but also by the need to find competitive product differentiators while at the same time meeting ever increasing functional safety and environmental legislation constraints.   This challenging environment, is forcing organizations to continuously look at new ways of improving their embedded system design process to enable reductions in both development costs and time to market for their products. 


Developing embedded systems is a complex business, not only because of the risks involved if these systems fail, but also because of the complex multi-tiered design chains and multi-domain expertise involved.  The Dassault Systèmes best-in-class embedded system design tools helps engineering teams in multiple industries to efficiently manage their systems engineering process. With our products, systems engineers can efficiently design, collaborate and validate their model-based embedded systems applications across multi-discipline teams. 


The Dassault Systèmes AUTOSAR Builder and ControlBuild solutions are two comprehensive tool suites that provide a global solution on an open platform. AUTOSAR Builder offers a complete development environment built on an open Eclipse based Artop development platform that allows users to develop AUTOSAR compliant systems models and to then generate embedded code from these models. The ControlBuild tool suite offers a comprehensive solution for the design and validation of control systems in conjunction with a virtual model of the controlled part e.g. a train, a rail network (signals, track control and passenger information systems) , or a power or process plant, or a ships machinery control systems.  It covers the development process – from specification definition to system qualification in one single tool suite.

Key Features:

  • Model-based embedded system design and simulation for enhanced reusability and productivity
  • Proven tools, processes and methodologies
  • Partnerships with 3rd parties and integrations to over sixty common systems engineering tools
  • Open and customizable solutions to easily fit within your current development processes
  • Reduce time to market, overall development costs, integration and qualification time
  • Manage compliance of development processes with major industry or  safety standards and corporate policies
  • Support for standards, interoperability and openness

Supporting products: AUTOSAR Builder, ControlBuild