Sheetmetal Design Engineering

Hydroformed Sheetmetal Designer

Hydroformed Sheetmetal Designer

Aircraft programs face a number of challenges due to the vast amount of complex sheet metal parts they must produce. Detailed manufacturing information must be gathered early in the engineering definition stage to prevent waste and unnecessary errors, while managing the consistency between manufacturing representations can be problematic.

Hydroformed Sheet Metal Designer is specifically dedicated to the definition of hydro-formed sheetmetal parts. You can capture company knowledge, such as design and manufacturing constraints and work with precision and speed.

Based on sheetmetal design and manufacturing processes, it empowers designers and manufacturing engineers with a pre-defined set of features that facilitate the design of sheetmetal parts and their respective tooling.

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Accelerate the design and manufacture of hydroformed sheetmetal parts

  • Reduces design and manufacturing errors thanks to process oriented sheet metal features
  • Cuts tooling design thanks to dedicated manufacturing preparation functions
  • Cuts design modifications capitalizing IP and applying automated design and check rules 
  • Reduces Decision Times using concurrent engineering delivered by the single platform
Hydroformed Sheetmetal Designer
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  • ·         Conceptual Design

  • ·         Detail Design

  • ·         Advance Detail Design

  • ·         Manufacturing Preparation

  • ·         Advanced Detail Design Hydroforming