Plastic Part & Mold Design Engineering

Mold and Tooling Design to Manufacturing

The CATIA Mold and Tooling solution delivers a flexible and highly-customizable approach to conceptual and detailed tooling engineering.

Cars, high-tech products, home appliances, industrial equipments, medical devices, … The quantity, complexity, and variety of products that we use increases every day. We expect these products to be quickly available, affordable and highly reliable. To be able to produce them and meet expectations, it is necessary to ensure, early in the design cycle,  that they can be manufactured and  to devise an efficient and controlled fabrication process. This needs to be combined with the ability to react quickly and safely to any change in the product definition or in the production environment.

From small companies to large organizations, for simpler or more complex projects, this means massively increasing the productivity of the global process, being able to predict and control project timeframe, guaranteeing the right quality at the right cost, reducing dependency on staff turnover and minimizing critical or stressful situations. In the end, successfully tackling these challenges creates competitive advantage.


  • Increase productivity of total process 
  • One integrated solution from part design to tooling manufacturing
  • Automate design tasks and assist user decision-making
  • Enable highly-collaborative online engineering
  • Provide the right quality at the right cost :
  • Anticipate and check manufacturing compliance
  • Implement an agile and responsive tooling process
  • Develop competitive edge :
  • Capture, deploy and grow company know-how
  • Easily and reliably adjust to evolving product requirements
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