Modelica Systems Simulation - 3DEXPERIENCE

Dynamic Systems Engineer

The Dynamic Systems Engineer role offers a Modelica and FMI compliant solution that efficiently model and simulate multi-physic dynamic systems.

With Model Based System Engineering, system architectures can be quickly assessed based on behavior and performance simulation. Informed decisions are made earlier in the development process, long before detailed design or physical prototype manufacturing.

Moreover, a comprehensive set of model libraries can be added, all compatible with each other, to efficiently and quickly predict systems behavior.

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Accelerate development and understanding of complex dynamic systems through modeling and simulation:

  • Integrated workgroup environment with shared digital representation for accurate Model Based Design, fully compliant with the open Modelica language
  • Available domain specific Modelica libraries for rapid modeling & simulation of complex multi-physic systems
  • Multi-body & multi-physic modeling & simulation
  • Systems model management
  • Powerful 3DEXPERIENCE integrated Systems Engineering environment
  • Functional Mockup Interface (FMI)  import capability enables heterogeneous co-simulation environment



Dynamic Systems Engineer
Webinar: Introduction to Dymola


  • Rapidly model and simulate the performance of complex products and systems

  • Accelerate understanding and validation of complex systems through early virtual simulation

  • Quickly find solution to complex multi-physic system design problems

  • Use of Modelica compliant component models ensures Intellectual Property (IP) capture for re-use