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Fuel Cell Library ()

Fuel Cell Library

The Modelica Based Fuel Cell Library is used for modeling, simulation of analysis of fuel cells and their control systems, especially for PEMFC (Polymer Exchange Membrane) and SOFC (Solid Oxide) based fuel cell systems.

The library contains what is typically needed to research, design, and configure fuel cell systems, including components, subsystems, templates, and media. The library contains a large number of generic components for modeling predefined configurations for easy simulation of both SOFC and PEMFC fuel cells. 



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Design and optimize various types of fuel cell and their control systems for a wide range of industrial applications 


  • Well suited for fuel cell  system and component design
  • May be used in any fuel cell application domain
  • Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and Proton exchange fuel cells (PEMFC) in the same tool
  • Significantly reduce systems development time due to fast and accurate systems modeling and simulation
  • Predefined reactors for fuel pre-processing and internal stack reforming
  • Wide range of components which can be efficiently used in any fuel cell application domain
  • Easy to adapt stack and reactor templates to new structures
  • Handles reformate and other ideal gas mixtures
Fuel Cell Library
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  • Design fuel cell systems from library models that include components, subsystems, templates, and media

  • Model and simulate PEMFC (Polymer Exchange Membrane) and SOFC (Solid Oxide) based fuel cell systems

  • Reduce costs through simulation of scenarios that are expensive and difficult to physically test