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Electric Power Library ()

Electric Power Library

The Modelica based Hydro Power Library enables development and verification of new hydro power plant designs including the design and virtual testing of new control strategies.

The library offers a complete environment for the efficient testing and tuning of plant controllers in order to attain optimal performance. By fully modeling and simulating the behavior of the physical hydro power plant we minimize the risks of unexpected events during plant commissioning and operation.

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Model, simulate and analyze electric DC, single and three phase AC power systems and accelerate the development and verification of their control

  • Accurate simulation results that better depict reality as more integrated electric systems models can be built
  • Revolutionary new solutions for the efficient modeling and simulation of complex power electronic systems
  • Optimize performance with a wide range of components resulting in significant cost and time reductions in designing electric power systems
  • Supports multi-domain modeling. Power electronics, mechanics and thermal dynamics modeled in a single environment
  • Transient and steady state simulations
  • Easily integrated into any application domain
  • Single phase AC and DC
  • Three phase AC with multiple representations available (abc, dq0, dq)



Electric Power Library
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  • Minimizing costly tests done on the actual hydro power plant

  • Reduced risk of unexpected events since the planning of commissioning tests and procedures can be defined and simulated in advance

  • Fast, robust cross-discipline simulation of hydroelectric power plants

  • Can be used in conjunction with the Modelica Electric Power Library to simulate power generation and distribution