CATIA Sheet Metal

• Achieve Fast, efficient and quality design of sheet metal part to speed up assembly design
• Design right the first time in context of the virtual product
• Get early visibility into manufacturability constraints

Sheet metal Design to Manufacturing

Engineers need to design sheet metal components rapidly and compliantly with company rules and standards for efficient manufacturing. They have to create it right the first time and to experience smooth exchanges between suppliers and contractors.


Sheet metal Design
  • From rapid prototyping in Bend Part Design, continue in Generative Sheet metal Design for more detailed features
  • Fast and efficient design of sheet metal complex parts
  • Easily apply company-defined standards  to ensure design quality
  • Create right first time sheet metal parts thanks to design in context of the virtual product
  • Take into account manufacturability constraints early in the design phase and speed up assembly design
  • Manage the forming process directly in 3D, with an intuitive way
  • Recognize and modified external sheet metal parts (STEP & IGES)
  • Automatic flattening view generation from the 3D design part
  • Part manufacturing view encloses manufacturing specifications derived from engineering specifications

From Sheet Metal bending to paper boxes

Sheet Metal Bending direct modeling
  • Easy to use, direct manipulations
  • Fast and accurate sheet metal design capabilities
  • Unfold of any type of bent parts after step import
  • Folded and unfolded parts available at any time
  • Online collaborative service

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Sheet Metal Design : complex components

Sheet Metal Design complex components
  • Associative and dedicated sheet metal feature-based modeling
  • Concurrent engineering between the unfolded or folded 3D shape representation
  • Access to company-defined standards tables
  • Manage the forming process directly in 3D, with an intuitive way
  • Dedicated drawing generation capabilities for manufacturing as well as seamless nesting and cutting export

Learn more about CATIA Generative Sheet metal Design

Sheet Metal Design : Hydroformed parts

Sheet Metal Design hydro formed parts
  • Possibility to support complex surfaces flanges
  • Aerospace dedicated sheet metal design features such as joggle, joggle on web,  flanged cut out, surfacic web
  • Accelerated design and knowledge integration
  • Integration of side and joggle compensation

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Andreas Maehler, responsible for global CAD PDM, CLAAS.

Since 80% of our products are made of sheet metal, we established a close partnership with Dassault Systèmes with the aim of adapting our specific sheet metal needs to CATIA functionalities. We immediately benefited from an over 50% reduction in design time.

Andreas Maehler, responsible for global CAD PDM, CLAAS.