Fasteners Design


Avoid cost overruns and delays in the design and assembly of complex fastened assemblies

Simplify Complexity, Assemble Correctly

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Aerospace designers need to create and manage complex fastened assemblies, which can require thousands of rivets, welds or bonds. With an assembly like this, the discovery of errors late in the process leads inevitably to cost overruns and delays. Typical errors include the use of incorrect standards and failures in the defined assembly sequence. One of the key causes of these errors is the use of multiple unsynchronized applications in the engineering process. Design and manufacturing engineers often work on separate systems. They rely on exchanged reports, often spreadsheets, and without structured synchronization errors are common.

The CATIA Fastening Solution provides an integrated platform with specialist fastening functionality, tuned to the needs of the industry. This enables design, methods and manufacturing engineers to work on the same virtual assembly, using the same specifications, standards and rules.

Based on the 3DExperience Platform, the solution supports concurrent engineering, lifecycle, change and configuration management as well as integration with the DELMIA manufacturing applications. No more exchange errors or misinterpretations – no matter how complex the assembly.