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Space Allocation Architect

Space Allocation Architect

Establish ship spaces subdivisions for conceptual, design and manufacturing purposes.Capture project data which can be re-used for similar projects and accelerate design for downstream process. Capture space properties such as weight, volumes, costs and materials. 

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  • Capture Project data as the common interest.
  • Single source of the frame spacing definition, which is used very frequently by all disciplines
  • Easy manipulation of grid definition
  • 3D grid to accelerate design in context
  • Define and customize the Space arrangement
  • Space level filtering, clipping and 3D search
  • Report, 2D layout and GAP creation based on space
Space Allocation Architect


  • Quickly Establish ship subdivision in spaces for Conceptual, for Design and for Manufacturing. 

  • Capture Project Data which can be reused by a similar project.

  • Acceleration of design for downstream process

  • Capture Space properties such as Weight, Volumes, Costs and Materials.