Marine & Offshore

Accommodation Designer

Initially developed for Marine and Offshore Industry, CATIA Accomodation Designer provides with capacities to define insulation, fire bridge, and draught stop storey management. It can also perform interference checking as well as generating associative drawings and reporting. Even if developed for Marine and Offshore, the role can be used for energy, process and utilities indutries, or in architecture and construction. 

In terms of value, customers will be able to cover the full business process of insulation (which encompasses design, drawing, procurements, as wel as automation). Design Changes will also be propagated to positioned components, to decks and to insulations, thus reducing the cost of design and the risk of errors. 


  • Define Installation, Fire Bridge & Draught Stop
  • Storey Management
  • Perform Interference Checking
  • Generate Associative Drawings
  • Reporting
Accommodation Designer

Key Features & Benefits

  • Covers the full business process of insulation (design, drawing, procurements, automation)

  • Design Changes propagated to positioned components, decks and installation reducing the cost of design and the risk of errors