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Immersive High Definition ()

Immersive High Definition

Viewing and manipulating data in Scale 1 with very high resolution in an interactive and immersive environment improves the 3DEXPERIENCE by putting the user at the heart of the virtual product.

To sustain this fast growing need, the Immersive High Definition Role provides the ability to run the 3DEXPERIENCE Applications in a CAVE environment running a cluster of PC through the partnership with TechViz


For any CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Users who need to perform immersive experience with multi-displays on a cluster of PC:

  • Immersive experience in a CAVE (Cluster)
  • Tracking systems
  • CAA Partner TechViz solution required

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy setup and easy launch of the CAA Partner TechViz solution directly from the 3DEXPERIENCE Action Bar

  • Multiple Displays configurations targerted: CAVE, Powerwall, Tiled monitors; Driven by a cluster of PCs; For Realtime rendering experience; With stereoscopy visualization, either passive or active mode; And with user tracking capabilities for head and hands

  • Navigation and review functionalities

  • Demo mode: with a proper TechViz installation, a Watermark is displayed until the required number of IHD licenses is available on the system