Industrial Design

Gain competitive advantage by design

1.- Boost your Design Innovation
…. with a Unified Industrial Design workflow solution
Improve your design creativity with CATIA for Creative Designers which offers a complete and integrated solution. With CATIA for Creative Design you can bring your idea to a reality through the creative workflow for Ideation with 3D-Sketching, Concept with Subdivision virtual clay modeling , Refinement up-to Class-A surface quality and finally to Design Validation with virtual and physical prototypes.
Explore more design ideas and bring them quickly to a reality
2.- Unbind your creativity
... with accessible 3D
Traditional 3D technologies and mathematic are not helping designers to express their creativity in 3D. It can be very complex to use and learn but not very efficient, flexible and quick to express an idea in 3D. With CATIA for Creative Designers and its unique 3D-Sketching tool and virtual clay modeling with subdivision surfaces you can, now, simply and quickly express and communicate your ideas. These new technologies gives you the freedom of creativity in 3D like a sculptor.
3.- Streamline design and engineering collaboration
... to accelerate and improve your process
By working on the same CATIA platform, creative designers and engineers can improve their collaboration. To keep the design intent intact through all the process from the original idea to engineering and manufacturing. To accelerate all the creation process. To improve and reach high-product quality, maturity and complexity.
4.- Keep your global organization connected
...with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
In this actual global economy, you tend to work with a complex environment with collaborators and decision makers in different locations, which multiple file exchanges and global communications. With CATIA for Creative Designers, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you can stay connected with your global organization, working on a single source of truth, avoiding risks and time lost of file transfers and data exchanges. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers realtime collaboration and co-creation tools on one single data source. It connects the different actors working on the same project while managing the user profile security access.



  • Boost your design innovation
  • Unbind your creativity
  • Streamline your teams collaboration
  • Keep your global organizations connected
  • Empower your teams to have a larger number of ideas coming to life.
  • Integrate late modifications to ensure the 100% customer satisfaction
  • Keep your design intent intact, through all the process, from design to manufacturing.
Download Brochure - CATIA for Creative Designers with the bleu project


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